AAA Solutions for the Underserved

Inclusive fintech startups are reaching low-income customers with life-changing financial products in credit, microinsurance, paygo energy and education. These firms are masters at understanding low-income customer needs. By leveraging innovative technology, data analytics and new business models, they deliver products and services that are:

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Since 2016, Catalyst Fund has deployed $2M in grant capital and $1M in bespoke advisory services to 20 global startup enterprises.

Through our hands-on work advising startups, we’ve developed the AAA Framework (pronounced Triple A), and which stands for Accessible, Affordable, and Appropriate. The AAA framework, is a practical blueprint for building and assessing products and services that low-income customers need and want. Offerings whose features are prioritized to be accessible, affordable and appropriate address the challenges of customers who live in low-trust, low-tech, low-resource and last-mile environments.