Deploying Capital in Inclusive Fintech

The Catalyst Fund Circle of Investors is a group of investors with special access to our promising fintech startups in emerging markets. Investors in the Circle can be matched with any of the 20 Catalyst Fund startups that fit their investment criteria. 


Our 40+ Circle Investors Include:

Why join the Catalyst Fund Circle?

  1. Curated access to high-quality fintech entrepreneurs, accelerated by Catalyst Fund support

  2. Online Demo Day open only to Members, and special first-look pipeline report after each cohort of companies

  3. Invitation to meet CEOs at conferences, at investor offices, or in the field

What is the Commitment?

  1. Time and attention to consider investing in at least 1 Catalyst Fund graduate

  2. Expectation to help CEOs with intros, sharing with networks, feedback on round terms

  3. Feedback on quality of Catalyst Fund pipeline and learning agenda

Members could become follow-on investors for any of the 20 Catalyst Fund startups

TO JOIN, CONTACT: Maelis Carraro, Catalyst Fund's Program Manager