Unlock Capital and Knowledge in the Ecosystem

 We work with entrepreneurs to reach the proof points investors require, helping them to secure follow-on capital and generate the body of evidence that can unlock more capital and attract more talent to inclusive fintech. Through these efforts, we are exposing a broader group of investors to early-stage innovators and building vital global and local connections between them. Yet we are still just scratching the surface of what is needed to scale innovative early-stage inclusive fintech ventures. More capital, talent and resources need to be activated in the ecosystem to accelerate the arrival of AAA products and services to underserved populations.

Data from 2018

Data from 2018

The Impact of Our Knowledge Building and Sharing

Crowding in Investors

  1. For every dollar invested in Catalyst Fund, a global accelerator program managed by BFA, our early-stage, inclusive fintech startups have gone on to raise $13.05 in investment capital.

  2. Our Circle of Investors to date includes 40+ premiere impact and institutional members around the world. Catalyst Fund has facilitated six follow-on investments between our companies and the members.

A NEW Body of Evidence

  1. We have developed the AAA Framework, to guide startups, investors, and donors, in determining whether solutions can benefit low-income customers with an offering that is accessible, affordable, and appropriate. These are proven strategies for making fintech inclusive.

  2. We have a learning mandate for which we consolidate and share our lessons as public resources (including blogs, publications, webinars and toolkits) for fintech startups and accelerators, investors, donors, and traditional financial services providers.

  3. Looking forward, we’ll continue to leverage our global perspective of what is happening in inclusive fintech, combined with bottom-up, local learning to bring to light the successes, the needs and the opportunities that are shaping the sector.

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