Update October, 2017: Grafica is now Flowigo

Grafica was a company of Catalyst Fund in 2016. Now, Grafica’s founder Yoann Berno will serve as the CEO of Flowigo.

Flowigo digitalizes African business to power their growth. In 4 weeks, Flowigo analyzes internal business requirements, recommend the right service providers, integrate, configure and deploy. Businesses can rely on a modular network to scale.

Visit www.flowigo.com to learn more. 


Grafica is a modular software-as-a-service solution for solar distributors.

Grafica offers an affordable and scalable cloud-based platform that integrates with the best service providers in the market (Internet of Things, CRM, Inventory Management, Data Analytics, Credit Scoring) to meet the needs of companies as they grow.

grafica logo.png

Company Overview

CEO: Yoann Berno
Website: grafica.io

Founded: 2015
Market: Kenya
Product: Modular SaaS Solution for solar distributors
Sponsor: Quona Capital

Over the next six months, Grafica will receive $100,000 in grant capital and receive the mentoring of its Catalyst Fund sponsor, Quona Capital. The company will also work with BFA to identify specific advisory engagements towards strategic milestones and a growth trajectory.

THE Problem and Solution

Off-grid solar products are a proven solution to tackle energy poverty, yet scaling up their distribution requires complex IT infrastructure. There are three major limitations:

  • Building up a scalable software backend is very costly
  • Consolidating data from different sources is complex
  • Designing it with the future needs in mind is.. impossible

Grafica offers an affordable and scalable cloud-based software suite that solves those problems. It is rolling out the platform with solar distributors in East and West Africa and quickly expanding to the rest of the continent.

The Innovation

  • Brings to the fast-growing off-grid solar sector the concept of modularity in IT infrastructure. Solar distributors can pick and choose from a series of software modules to optimize their sales, streamline their operations, improve communication, and boost reporting.
  • Offers an open platform that integrates with a growing list of external service providers (Hardware manufacturers, IoT providers, Payment Gateways, SMS Gateways).
  • Responds to the core needs of rapid data collection and transformation into actionable analytics.

The Value Proposition

  • Distributors can significantly lower their IT spending and allocate their money to scale up their operations.
  • The firm provides a flexible platform that connects nearly any application or system by leveraging APIs to quickly and securely share data.
  • Native data analytics dashboards help distributors learn from the field and optimize their processes.


Grafica is aligned with the Catalyst Fund learning agenda and core mission. Their challenges as we know them could help answer the questions within the learning pillars of:

  • 10x better value propositions: What is the role of Machine Learning to support distributors and lenders decisions?
  • Ecosystem & partnerships: What IT partnerships could Grafica build to better serve the market? What are the incentives for distributors to partner with Grafica?