Harvesting is enabling financial inclusion for farmers by providing actionable insights to financial institutions via its software-as-a service (SaaS) solution. Harvesting processes massive amount of global data sets, such as weather, satellite, agronomic data, and applies machine learning algorithms to help reduce risks for crop insurance and lending companies.

Harvesting aims to be the Agriculture Intelligence Engine, which will help bring speed, accuracy and transparency across the agricultural value chain, accelerating the development of fair financial products and services for farmers worldwide.

Company Overview

CEO: Ruchit Garg
Founded: 2016
Market: India and Africa
Product: Agricultural data analytics software
Sponsor: Omidyar Network

Over the next six months, Harvesting will receive $100,000 USD in grant capital and receive the mentoring of its Catalyst Fund sponsor, Omidyar Network. The company will also work with BFA to identify specific advisory engagements towards strategic milestones and a growth trajectory.

THE Problem and Solution

475 million farmers feed the majority of the population around the world. These farmers have poor or no access to financial instruments like crop insurance or loans. Their livelihood is highly dependent on farm income. They also have no access to data that would enable them to farm more efficiently.

Harvesting enables farmers in emerging markets to be financially included by providing agricultural data intelligence to banks and governments.

Being able to access actionable insights on the fingertips enables financial institutions to provide financial services to the remotest farmers in the world, increasing access to financial tools such as loans & insurance and helps bring down the cost of financing by reducing risks.


The Innovation

  • Leverage global agroclimatic data intelligence and satellite imagery to understand and reduce business risks
  • Utilize machine learning techniques to process a large amount of global remote sensing data to estimate crop risks and forecast trends, such as crop yield estimates and pest infestations, for the benefit of actors in the agribusiness industry (crop insurance, fertilizer and seed companies)
  • Provide stakeholders in the agricultural value chain with global intelligence services, including real-time insights and interactive and intuitive dashboards

The Value Proposition

  • Drive accuracy, speed, efficiency and transparency in the global trillion US dollar agriculture industry
  • Enable fairer markets for underwriters and banks
  • Expand access to affordable financial services to millions of farmers worldwide
  • Subscription based online decision support system for diverse actors in the agricultural value chain


Harvesting is aligned with the Catalyst Fund learning agenda. Their challenges as we know them could help answer the following questions within the learning pillar of:

  • 10x Better Value Propositions: How can Harvesting partner with financial service providers to make crop insurance more accessible to farmers?
  • Limiting Factors: How can Harvesting align its tech solution and data to the needs of financial service providers to drive efficiency and increase adoption of crop insurance and agri-loans?

Awards / Recognition

  • Harvesting won the Global Grant Challenge Award 2016 at Singularity University for the most innovative solution to address global food security.
  • Harvesting was shortlisted by IBM Watson & XPRIZE to participate in a multi-year Artificial Intelligence (AI) competition between worldwide teams tackling global grand challenges. Harvesting was present at the first AI Summit for Good hosted by ITU and AI XPRIZE.
  • Harvesting is a scholarship award recipient from Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology, an agriculture technology incubator in Salinas, California