Our Influence

Catalyst Fund takes lessons learned from the ground-up about digital financial solutions, new fintech business models, and the process of startup-led innovation and shares insights with the financial sector on how fintech can truly benefit low-income populations. We are building a body of evidence for the ecosystem to unlock more capital and talent to inclusive fintech.

Our learning agenda is build around a set of key questions:

  1. Startup value propositions: How can fintech companies benefit low-income consumers through new products, technologies and business models?

  2. Barriers to growth: How can startups overcome barriers to growth, such as illiteracy, trust, remoteness, weak infrastructure and connectivity, to reach their target customers?

  3. Ecosystem and partnership lessons: How do fintech companies and incumbents partner? And how do they connect with investors?

  4. Facility lessons: How do accelerators best support early-stage startups towards reaching product market fit?