De-risking Early-stage Startups for Investors

We have invested $2M in grant capital and $1M in bespoke venture building support for startups to generate proof points toward growth. As a member of the Catalyst Fund Circle of Investors, you have the opportunity to access our early-stage pipeline and receive global markets and local industry insights.



We have sourced 20 promising inclusive fintech startups from around the world, ranging from business verticals such as credit, savings, platforms, SaaS, and insuretech.

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Specialized Venture Builders

Catalyst Fund offers customized technical and venture building support, flexible capital, and the know-how to build accessible, affordable and appropriate solutions that the market will bear.


Accelerating PMF

At this stage of a startup’s life, getting to product market fit – ie: developing a solution that is wanted by a large enough target market – is critical. This is why we work with our companies to focus on PMF.

Meet our CEOs

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Join the Circle of Investors


  1. Access to early-stage pipeline of vetted and de-risked inclusive fintech startups

  2. Double opt-in introductions to fintech companies fitting  member’s investment criteria

  3. Connections to potential co-investors and access to industry insights


  1. The circle is a community of 40+ global & local investors specializing in fintech in emerging markets.

  2. Membership is free, and getting started is a simple, light-touch process. The time commitment is 2-3 hours per month.