Six Steps to an Intelligent AI Strategy: The AI Readiness Toolkit

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Are you a startup seeking to prepare yourself for artificial intelligence (AI), but don’t yet have a concrete strategy in place? Perhaps you are a well-established data-centric organization that wants to assess return on investment and areas of strength and weakness. Or you are an investor looking for a way to quantitatively assess your portfolio. Catalyst Fund’s new AI Readiness Toolkit can help you.

BFA is determined to de-hype AI and bring it into practical terms so that more startups can benefit from its power. To this end, we have developed the AI Readiness Toolkit to guide startups to approaching AI in a systematic way. This toolkit builds on BFA’s “AI: Practical Superpowers” Report, which gives startups a high-level readiness framework to orient on the step to take towards “Practical AI”.

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Building Trust, Engagement, and Loyalty: Five Ways to Innovate Like a FinTech

What can startups and companies do to build trust, loyalty, and engagement with customers? Catalyst Fund identified five strategies that enable companies and startups to innovate like a fintech.

Five ways to innovate like a fintech

  1. Keep the design simple and adapted to your customer base.

  2. Prove your abilities to users.

  3. Give users a sense of control in managing their actions.

  4. Be transparent about what you do and why.

  5. Commit to doing what is right for the customer.

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