What Catalyst Fund CEOs Are Saying


“The SOCAP workshop on Customer Trust was so awesome. The grant funding was incredibly helpful and the work that BFA did was timely, actionable, and tangible... all of it was great!"



"What I liked the most about Catalyst Fund, is that it adapts to your companies' specific needs."


“It’s been the best compliment of technical, business and consumer insights you can find, especially in financial services. The advice was always practical and to the point and the level of engagement has been unparalleled. I wish we could continue forever!”


“Being a part of Catalyst Fund is awesome - I get to work with people who believe in helping me and have a plan to follow. It’s not just me anymore — it feels like a big team working next to me."


“Catalyst Fund is the best consulting engagement we have had to date, and we have had multiple, strong, engagements with design and finance consultancies. Catalyst Fund came in with deep domain expertise in Software and Fintech; spent a significant amount of time understanding our business first as well as the near and long term challenges we were facing specifically in software, prior to building a solution that not only met our immediate needs but was designed in a way that we could manage without any software expertise in-house, through to the next inflection point as a business. It was a very clever solution, at the right time, and it resulted in a huge growth spurt for our business and follow-on investment. In short, we are EXTREMELY happy with the entire engagement and will be screaming from the hilltops about Catalyst Fund to anyone that will listen!”


"Thanks for all the help Catalyst Fund has given us. You've been an awesome partner and I've been amazed at how much value we've gotten from a non-profit."


“Catalyst Fund exceeded our expectations, especially the quality of staff and their familiarity / context with our market were very high.”