ToGarantido digitally provides access to high quality and affordable insurance products from different insurers to serve the immediate needs of the low-income customers.

Company Overview

CEO: Felipe Cunha
Founded: 2016
Market: Brazil
Product: Micro-insurance platform
Sponsor: Accion Venture Lab

Over the next six months, ToGarantido will receive up to $100,000 USD in grant capital and receive the mentoring of its Catalyst Fund sponsor, Accion Venture Lab. The company will also work with BFA to identify specific advisory engagements towards strategic milestones and a growth trajectory.

THE Problem and Solution

Emerging market customers are often under-protected and have little to no access to traditional insurance distribution channels. Moreover, tragedies such as death of a family member and loss of employment disproportionately affect low-income households that can easily fall back down to the bottom of the pyramid due to financial instability.

ToGarantido was built to solve this issue by providing digital access to high-quality and affordable insurance products from four different insurers to serve the immediate needs of the low-income customers.

Powered by AI, ToGarantido’s chatbot-automated platform innovates on the traditional approach to insurance sales in Brazil and sets a new standard for the insurance market in Latin America. The company has successfully secured a network of more than 1,000 active clients and is continuing to grow its customer base.

The Innovation

  • Uses data to assess the potential risk of client and provides data to insurance companies to design tailor-made digital insurance products for low-income customers.

  • Provides automated customer service via chatbot to improve ways of collecting client data and reduce the costs of setting up a call center.

  • Uses chatbot video to digitize health declarations, recognize then insurance policy buyers and manage claims digitally.

  • Integrates easily with new technologies including IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence using a modular API.

The Value Proposition

  • Provides end-to-end digital offer of insurance products.
  • Enables insurance companies to reach underserved customers.
  • Expands basic insurance products access to unattended low-income segments.
  • Uses big data processing tools to better match users’ needs to products.
  • Manages and curates relationship with customers digitally.



ToGarantido is aligned with the Catalyst Fund learning agenda. Their challenges as we know them could help answer the following questions within the learning pillar of:

  • 10x Better Value Propositions: How can ToGarantido best leverage ML and AI to improve their value proposition? How can they use chatbots for optimal engagement with the customer and overcome issues of trust?
  • Ecosystems & Partnerships: How can ToGarantido and insurance companies work together on an optimal product design for low-income customers?

Awards / Recognition

  • Awarded as the Most Promising Startup at Munich Re Acceleration Program