Crypto futures trading simulators are invaluable for novice and experienced traders in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.

These simulators provide a platform where you can practice trading strategies using virtual funds, replicating real-world trading conditions without any risks.

This allows you to familiarize yourself with the complexities of crypto futures and refine your trading tactics without the fear of incurring actual losses.

Such simulators have grown in popularity because they offer a practical learning experience that can significantly enhance your understanding of market dynamics and risk management.

The allure of using crypto futures trading simulators comes from the ability to test-drive your trading hypotheses in a controlled environment.

These platforms often come with educational resources, real-time market data, and analytical tools to mirror the live trading experience as closely as possible.

You gain the advantage of learning to interpret market signals, timing your entries and exits, and managing your portfolio, which can translate into more informed live-market decision-making.

12 Top Best Crypto Futures Trading Simulators & Demo Accounts For Practice

#1. Phemex Testnet

Phemex Testnet

Phemex, a Singapore-based crypto exchange, provides an excellent learning environment through its Testnet platform.

This risk-free simulation allows you to practice Trading with 100,000 virtual USDT in conditions mirroring the live market.

You can explore the versatile world of crypto futures contracts while benefiting from the opportunity to apply up to 100x leverage.

Getting Started:
To begin your trading journey on the Testnet:

  • Register for an account.
  • Access the platform with an email and password.

Features at a Glance:

  • Virtual Funds: Start with 100,000 USDT in mock funds.
  • Leverage: Trade with leverage levels up to 100x.
  • Trade Execution: Utilize tools like limit orders, stop losses, and take profits to manage your trades effectively.

Safety and Security:
While you engage in simulated Trading, Phemex ensures a secure environment. Your natural capital remains untouched, providing a stress-free learning space to hone your skills.

Realistic Experience:
The Testnet mimics actual trading conditions, offering a realistic experience. This platform is invaluable for beginners who want to understand the market dynamics and seasoned traders who want to test new strategies.

Your progression on the Phemex Testnet could be a stepping stone towards confident and informed Trading on the live markets.

#2. TradingView Simulator

TradingView Simulator

TradingView offers a simulation tool that lets you engage in paper trading for crypto futures.

This feature allows you to test trading hypotheses and refine strategies without financial risk since trades involve “fake” money rather than actual capital.

Key Features:

  • Realistic Trading Environment: Practice with virtual funds in a simulated market that closely mirrors real-world crypto futures trading conditions.
  • Wide Range of Assets: Access a multitude of crypto futures pairs from well-known exchanges like BitMEX, Binance, and Bybit.

How to Utilize TradingView for Simulation:

  1. Create a Free Account: Start by signing up on TradingView for access to charting tools and the simulator.
  2. Select the Simulation Tool: Navigate to the paper trading panel to begin.
  3. Begin Paper Trading: Use the provided virtual cash to simulate buying and selling crypto futures.

Useful Tips:

  • Take advantage of TradingView’s rich charting functionalities to analyze market trends.
  • Utilize the backtesting feature to validate your trading strategies against historical data.
  • Remember that success in a simulation does not guarantee similar outcomes in live markets.

By leveraging the TradingView Simulator, you can gain experience and insight into crypto futures trading, enabling you to build confidence before engaging in actual market trading.

#3. 3Commas


3Commas is a versatile platform for crypto traders seeking to navigate the volatile markets more confidently.

Its robust paper trading simulator allows you to experiment with crypto futures trading without financial risk. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned traders, 3Commas offers a controlled environment to develop and test trading strategies.

The platform’s intelligent trade terminal is particularly noteworthy.

It acts as a bridge, connecting you to major exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, and Deribit, simplifying the trading process across various platforms. Here’s a brief guide on what you can expect:

  • Futures Contract Trading: Engage with a variety of crypto futures contracts.
  • Paper Trading Mode: Test your strategies using simulated money.
  • Automated Strategies: Apply expert-crafted trading bots to emulate professional-level trades.
  • Trading Signals: Leverage insights derived from market data to make informed decisions.

Beyond the simulation aspect, 3Commas has features designed to support your trading activities.

You’re armed with trading signals and automated bots crafted to help improve trading performance and accommodate the needs of diverse trading styles.

The table below summarizes the key offerings of 3Commas:

Paper TradingSimulator for risk-free strategy development
Smart Trade TerminalAccess to multiple exchanges in one interface
Automated BotsTools for executing trades automatically
Trading SignalsData-driven insights for informed Trading

By utilizing 3Commas, you’re not just practicing Trading but refining your approach with each simulated transaction, preparing to engage in the real market with a solid foundation built on experience and strategic understanding.

#4. Bitsgap


Bitsgap offers an intuitive platform to practice and refine your crypto futures trading strategies.

With its Demo Mode, you are equipped with 5,000 virtual USDT to simulate Trading, effectively allowing you to engage with the market without financial risk.

This mode facilitates a safe learning environment by mimicking the real trading experience on over 25 exchanges, including prominent platforms like BitMEX, Binance, and Kraken.

You can leverage up to 100x on crypto futures contracts, amplifying your potential gains while practicing.

The platform’s trading bots and signals are tools to automate and inform your trading decisions, augmenting your capabilities in crypto futures.

Furthermore, Bitsgap enriches your trading experience with its portfolio management tools, giving you a comprehensive overview of your simulated investments.

Here, you can track your performance, adjust, and test different strategies to see what works best for your trading style.

Key Features:

  • Demo Trading: Simulate Trading with 5,000 virtual USDT.
  • Exchanges: Access to over 25 crypto futures markets.
  • Leverage: Up to 100x leverage on futures contracts.
  • Bots & Signals: Utilize trading bots and market signals for informed decision-making.
  • Portfolio Management: Monitor and manage your portfolio for an integrated trading experience.

Bitsgap’s Demo Mode is your stepping stone into crypto futures trading, arming you with the tools and confidence needed to transition into live Trading when ready.

#5. Cryptohopper

Paper Trading Feature:
Cryptohopper distinguishes itself with a comprehensive paper trading feature that provides you with 100,000 virtual USDT to trade with. You’ll have access to over 100 crypto assets to strategize and simulate futures trading without any financial risk.

Platform Integration:
Your foray into crypto futures begins with Cryptohopper’s seamless integration with major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, and Huobi. With this, you can simulate real-world Trading of crypto futures contracts, applying the platform’s robust functionality to the futures market.

Trading Strategies and Tools:
Cryptohopper equips you with many trading strategies and signals to refine your trading tactics. Additionally, you have the advantage of backtesting, allowing you to test your strategy against historical data to assess its effectiveness.

  • Simulated Trading: Simulate your trades to test strategies.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Manage your simulated assets with ease.
  • Backtesting Engine: Validate your futures trading strategies.

Automation and Cloud-Based Operation:
Embrace the flexibility of a cloud-based trading bot with Cryptohopper. Automate your crypto futures trading activity using the platform’s diverse capabilities.

Whether you’re looking to employ semi-automatic, mirror trading, or fully automated Trading, Cryptohopper’s simulator is the ideal environment to fine-tune your approach before going live.

#6. eToro

eToro presents a dynamic social trading platform where you can trade crypto futures using CFDs.

The virtual portfolio account on eToro equips you with the tools to practice futures contracts, featuring up to 2x leverage. This practice allows you to familiarize yourself with the nuances of the market without real-world risk.

The platform’s interface is designed to be user-friendly, granting you access to:

  • Real-time trends
  • Advanced analysis tools
  • Flexible risk management options, including Stop Loss and Take Profit settings

Social Trading stands at the core of eToro’s offerings. Here’s how it works:

  • Copy Trading: You can mirror the strategies of successful traders, learning from their moves and adapting them to your style.
  • Community Insights: Benefit from the collective knowledge of the eToro trading community.

Remember, while the virtual portfolio offers a risk-free environment, actual Trading encompasses risks, especially when leveraged. Therefore, it is crucial to sensibly apply the insights gained from the simulator to live trading scenarios.

#7. Crypto Parrot

Crypto Parrot is a cryptocurrency trading simulator designed to provide a realistic and risk-free environment to practice trading strategies.

Starting with a virtual balance of 100,000 PlayUSD, you can engage in simulated trades that mimic real-world cryptocurrency markets.

With Crypto Parrot, you experience the following features:

  • Mock Trading: Utilize fake funds to learn the mechanisms of crypto Trading without financial risk.
  • Leverage Opportunities: Experiment with futures contracts using up to 100x leverage.
  • Market Prices: View real-time price movements and statistics for various cryptocurrencies.
  • Rewards: Earn actual Bitcoin as you expand your portfolio and participate in community learning activities.

The platform is tailored to support both beginners and seasoned traders, allowing you to:

  • Interpret market trends and adapt your strategies.
  • Understand the effects of leverage and margin trading.
  • Track your progress and compare strategies with other users.

Crypto Parrot emphasizes practical education in cryptocurrency trading, providing a blend of learning with entertainment. It’s an innovative space to safely explore the volatile world of crypto futures without actual financial exposure.

#8. CryptoSpaniards

CryptoSpaniards offers a dynamic virtual trading environment where you can hone your skills in crypto futures trading without risking natural capital. It embraces many cryptocurrencies, providing an extensive playground for trading simulations.

When you engage with CryptoSpaniards, you can:

  • Start Trading Immediately: Begin your experience with ample virtual dollars to instantiate your Trading.
  • Leverage Options: Implement strategies using up to 100x leverage on crypto futures contracts, mirroring the mechanics of real-world Trading.
  • Crypto Selection: Trade across a spectrum of over 90 cryptocurrencies, giving you a taste of the diverse crypto market.
  • Performance Tracking: Keep an eye on the top and worst-performing cryptocurrencies and the traders in the simulator, enabling you to learn from the successes and failures within the ecosystem.

Engagement with the community is a standout feature, as CryptoSpaniards provides a forum where you’re encouraged to interact with other users. It’s an opportunity to gain insights, share strategies, and understand the experiences of fellow traders.

The simulator’s user interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, ensuring you can easily navigate and make trades even if you’re new to crypto Trading.

Whether you’re an amateur or a veteran looking to experiment with different trading strategies, CryptoSpaniards is a practical tool for education and practice in cryptocurrency futures.

#9. Bitcoin Hero

Bitcoin Hero is a trading simulator tailored for those interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. Your experience with this platform is risk-free, utilizing virtual currency to execute trades.

Embracing a competitive spirit, you are invited to scale the leaderboard ranks.

Key Features:

  • Virtual Trading: Engage in Bitcoin futures trading without financial risk.
  • Realistic Environment: Navigate markets using tools akin to real-world trading platforms.
  • Leverage Options: Practice with up to 15x leverage to understand potential outcomes.
  • Market Analysis: Gain access to Bitcoin news and analysis, enhancing your market literacy.

Engagement & Learning:

Bitcoin Hero goes beyond mere simulation; it’s a holistic learning ecosystem. Gain insights into market dynamics and refine your trading strategies. Badges and achievements await as a testament to your growing prowess.

Remember, Bitcoin Hero simulates a natural trading environment but operates with fictitious currency.

It’s an educational tool, not an investment platform, allowing you to sharpen your skills without the financial peril of actual Trading.

Enjoy the thrill of competition and master the intricacies of cryptocurrency trading in a controlled yet immersive simulator.

#10. Bitcoin Flip

Bitcoin Flip is a simulation platform designed to teach you the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading. It operates in a risk-free environment using counterfeit currency, providing a valuable learning experience.

Here, you can engage with 15x leverage trading, fine-tuning your trading strategies without the risk of losing real money.

  • Trading Duel: Challenge your friends and see who has the superior trading acumen.
  • Education: Utilize the platform’s trading guides and tips to enhance your knowledge.
  • Cryptocurrency Variety: Experiment with trading a diverse range of 32 cryptocurrencies.

This simulator is particularly accessible due to its mobile-friendly design, allowing you to practice and learn on the go. Through its interactive features, you can grasp the basics of crypto Trading enjoyably and engagingly.

#11. StromGain Demo Accounts


When you sign up for a StormGain demo account, you are allocated a substantial virtual fund of 50,000 USDT to begin practicing your trading strategies.

This provides a risk-free environment for you to become familiar with the intricacies of crypto futures trading.


  • Zero Cost: The demo account is entirely free to use.
  • Realistic Trading Conditions: The trades you execute closely mimic market conditions.
  • No Special Knowledge Required: Designed to be user-friendly, even beginners can navigate Trading.
  • No Withdrawals: Withdrawals are impossible as they are virtual and meant solely for practicing.

Using Your Demo Account:

  • Upon activating your demo account, you can begin experimenting with trades immediately.
  • Explore various trading instruments available on the platform with your virtual USDT.
  • Use the demo account as a testing ground for developing and refining your trading strategies.

Trading Instruments Available:

  • Cryptocurrency pairs
  • Crypto indices
  • Commodities
  • Futures contracts on various assets

Remember, the StormGain demo account intends to provide a learning platform, preparing you for live Trading without the risk of losing real money. Take advantage of these features to build your trading confidence.

#12. Bybit Testnet


Bybit Testnet is a simulation environment where you can sharpen your crypto futures trading skills without financial risk.

This simulator exposes you to real-time market conditions, using virtual currencies to test your trading strategies.

Key Features of Bybit Testnet:

  • Realistic Trading Experience: The simulator replicates the Bybit trading platform, giving you a genuine sense of market dynamics.
  • Leverage Options: You can trade with up to 100x leverage, mirroring the leverage opportunities available in live Trading.
  • Advanced Orders: Testnet provides a range of advanced order types; this includes limit and market orders to help you execute strategies as you would in a real scenario.
  • Competitions: Regular trading competitions are held with the chance to win rewards, adding a competitive edge to your practice sessions.

Getting Started:

  1. Sign Up: Create an account specifically for Bybit’s simulated trading environment.
  2. Familiarize: Take the time to navigate and understand the platform, just as you would with the actual exchange.
  3. Practice Trading: Utilize virtual funds to trade; use the market, limit, and other advanced order types.
  4. Participate: Enter trading competitions for practical application under competitive conditions.

Using the Testnet lets you practice your strategies freely and participate in trading competitions, making learning more engaging.

Remember, while this platform mirrors live Trading, the absence of natural capital means the emotional aspects of Trading with actual money are unaccounted for.

Thus, approach live trading with caution and awareness of this distinction.

What Is Demo or Simulation Trading in Crypto Futures?

Demo accounts and simulation trading on crypto futures are ways to practice trading cryptocurrencies without risking real money.

They allow you to test different strategies, tools, and platforms in a realistic market environment.

A crypto futures trading simulator is a platform that allows you to practice trading cryptocurrencies without risking real money.

You can use it to learn the basics of crypto Trading, test different strategies, and improve your skills.

Simulation trading on crypto futures exchanges is a way of practicing crypto trading without risking real money. It allows you to test different strategies, tools, and instruments in a simulated environment that mimics market conditions.

How Do You Select The Best Crypto Futures Trading Simulator?

When selecting the best crypto futures trading simulator for your needs, consider

  • the features offered
  • ease of use
  • how well it simulates actual market conditions
  • realistic trading experience, with live market data feeds and
  • a full range of trading options like market orders, limit orders, and stop-loss orders.

Additionally, some simulators may provide incentives or rewards for successful Trading, adding an element of competition and fun to your learning experience.

Look for platforms that bolster your trading insight and keep you engaged in mastering the art of crypto futures trading.

Some of the features that you should look for in a crypto futures trading simulator are:

  • Realistic market data: The simulator should provide accurate and up-to-date prices, volumes, and liquidity of various crypto assets and futures contracts. This will help you familiarize yourself with the market conditions and the dynamics of crypto futures trading.
  • Multiple trading options: The simulator should offer different trading options, such as spot, margin, perpetual, and fixed-term contracts. You should also be able to customize your leverage, order types, and risk management settings. This will allow you to experiment with different trading scenarios and find the best fit for your goals and risk appetite.
  • Performance analysis: The simulator should track and display your trading performance, such as profit and loss, return on investment, and liquidation price. You should also be able to review your trading history, charts, and statistics. This will help you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and learn from your mistakes.
  • Educational resources: The simulator should provide educational resources, such as tutorials, guides, articles, and videos, that explain the basics of crypto futures trading, the features of the platform, and the best practices and tips. You should also be able to access a community of other traders who can share their experiences and insights.

Some of the benefits of simulation trading are:

  • You can learn the basics of crypto futures trading, such as how to open and close positions, use leverage, manage risk, and apply technical analysis.
  • You can experiment with different crypto futures exchanges, such as Binance Futures, Bitsgap, The Crypto Classic, and others, and compare their features, fees, liquidity, and user interface.
  • You can gain confidence and experience before switching to live trading with real money.

Some of the drawbacks of simulation trading are:

  • You may not feel the same emotions and psychological pressure as live Trading, affecting your decision-making and performance.
  • You may develop bad habits or overconfidence that can hurt you in live Trading, such as ignoring risk management, Trading too frequently, or using excessive leverage.
  • You may miss out on opportunities or challenges only in live Trading, such as network issues, order execution delays, slippage, or market manipulation.

Therefore, simulation trading is a valuable tool for beginners and experts but should not be seen as a substitute for live Trading. It is best to use simulation trading as a learning and testing platform and then transition to live Trading when you are ready.


When selecting a crypto futures trading simulator, consider your experience level and trading goals.

For experienced traders, NinjaTrader is tailored to your sophisticated trading needs, offering a robust platform for futures trading.

However, while advanced, the Kraken Pro platform may not be the best starting point if you’re starting.

As you gradually build your skills, exploring simulators like Altcoin Fantasy can help you grasp market concepts in a competitive yet educational environment.

It offers a substantial virtual sum for practice, simulating real-world trading conditions with zero financial risk.

SimulatorsExperience LevelFeatures
NinjaTraderAdvancedFutures Focused
Kraken ProAdvancedProfessional Tools
Altcoin FantasyBeginner-IntermediateCompetitive Learning

You are encouraged to experiment with these simulators to sharpen your trading strategies. The experience gained through simulation can be invaluable in the fundamental markets.

After you’ve tried a simulator, sharing your feedback can help others in the crypto community. Your insights can also guide the developers to enhance these platforms.

Remember, paper trading and simulated environments offer a unique learning opportunity without financial loss. Use these tools to your advantage as part of a comprehensive approach to becoming a skilled crypto trader.

Note: Always ensure you verify each platform’s current availability and features, as these can change over time.

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